About Vanessa

I was born and raised in Whittier, CA.

As a young girl I was really skinny. I was always picked on and called names for being so thin. I got picked on so much when I was little I stopped wearing shorts in the 5th grade up until high school because I would always get comments about my legs and felt very insecure about them.

It wasn’t until I met Fit Nation Gym in 2014 where I started to gain my confidence that I never knew I had. This was the first gym I ever walked into. Yes, I was scared, nervous, shy, clueless. I had no idea how to workout or even know where to begin, but I knew this was something that would make me better in the long run. I remember walking in and wanting to hurry and sign up and leave, I was this skinny girl walking into this bodybuilding gym filled with experienced fit people. As I walked in I was greeted by one of the owners, Art Regis who instantly made me feel comfortable by cracking jokes and making the process of signing up less stressful then I had felt it would be. I signed up and left and told myself “I’m paying for this, so I have to do it !” and at the beginning that was the one thing that kept me consistent. My goal was to gain good healthy weight and lean muscle and just tone. I had no butt, skinny twig-like arms and legs and I was set out to build and have the body I always wanted, which was to have a nice toned body.

As time went on I started seeing small changes throughout my body. I started noticing small lines of definition on my arms and my quads were slowly coming gaining size. My size 00 jeans were starting to fit too tight on me and this was such an amazing feeling to finally have. Knowing that all the work I have been putting in was actually working motivated me even more! This helped me stay consistent with my goal of gaining weight. Fit Nation Gym became my second home, I have met so many amazing people that are motivated and always willing to help out and push one another. The gym that I was once scared to walk into easily became my second family. If I would have listened to my insecure thoughts and emotions and didn’t just go for it as I did, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

The fact that I grew so passionate about the gym and this lifestyle and have become so successful at it, I started having friends and family ask for help and advice. I started training my close friends and eventually others who were inspired by my transformation. I use my expertise in fitness to help others on their journey. I started training in 2017 and I have had over 20 clients who I have trained locally in the OC/LA area.

The main thing I love about personal training is helping each of my clients see the small changes that happen as time goes after once they begin with me. My clients motivate me to be the best trainer and to keep pushing them and myself to strive for more. I always say it’s a team effort, we both need to do our part to complete the masterpiece!

Services Offered

Workout Plan & Form Correction

Meal Prep & Grocery List

Check-ins & Transformation Photos

Support & Expertise

Online Training

I started personal training because I wanted people to feel how I do and build up the confidence to feel good in their own skin. Everyone deserves to feel and look their best! This journey isn’t just to look good but to also feel good internally. Fitness is a lifelong journey, it isn’t a quick fix or something you do for a week, month, or year and say that’s it. It is something you continuously do and have to work at every day to keep your body healthy and strong.

Once you get started and become consistent with your new routine you will notice yourself having more energy to do things, getting much better sleep than before, your skin will clear and glow, you will gain strength, and your body will start to form, tone and shape. These things are what I love to see the most in my clients, the happiness and excitement they get when they notice the changes that start to happen. It does take hard work and dedication, nothing great in life comes easy, but it will be worth it!

I’m here to help and push all my clients to their limits and make sure I’m always available to answer any questions and keep them accountable. You will sometimes laugh, cry, complain, say you can’t, but I make sure you will still get it done. There is no finish line, this is a new healthy lifestyle that will create a better version of yourself

3 Month Gym Program

$50012 Weeks
  • 3 months of training
  • Gym equipment needed
  • 5 days of weekly workouts
  • Cardio implemented
  • Customized meal plan
  • Log Body Stats & Progress Photo
  • Weekly check ins
  • 24/7 accountability

Home Workout Program

$19930 Days
  • Over 30+ workouts
  • Demonstration videos for each workout
  • Instructions for each workout
  • Cardio implemented
  • Log Body Stats & Progress Photo
  • 1 video call
  • Check-ins
  • Support & accountability

Meet Vanessa

In-Person Training

In-person training consists of training sessions held at a public gym facility that includes unique and never seen before equipment. The client will perform exercises that are met with their own fitness level and health conditions. In-person training does include in-person training, grocery list, meal plan and workouts to do as homework on their own, weekly check-ins, and 24/7 accountability.

Book A Consultation

Online Training

This program is a perfect program for all women who are either looking to lose weight, gain muscle, tone, and live a healthier lifestyle. This online program is detailed and meant to fit each clients needs with demonstration videos on how to perform each exercise, sets, reps and meal plan to ensure each client receives the results they desire.


The nutrition guide is a customized meal plan tailored to the client’s age, weight, and height. You will also check in with me every 2 weeks.

“Don’t even know where to begin. Vanessa is amazing! She’s so passionate about what she does that she will do everything she can to see her clients succeed. I’ve been with her for about three weeks now and LADIES she is on top of her shit. She will help you with meal preps, weekly workouts to do on your own, message you daily with reminders and check ins. Vanessa is organized, patient, motivated, helpful and so much more. She’s the definition of a great trainer. Besides her great work ethic she is such a goofball and down to earth, I absolutely love her and I’m telling you try her out cause no one has got your back like this chick.”

~ Diana T

I’ll start off by saying she is the best trainer I’ve had so far!!!! She without a doubt enjoys and knows what she is doing. It’s definitely worth getting Vanessa as a trainer. She checks on you daily, helps you by getting you on a meal plan and expects pictures of food on a daily basis. She constantly reminds you about them and just helps you stay on track. She is very serious about your weight loss journey she stays on track with your days and hours but she is also very lenient when you need to change a day or can’t make it she makes sure you are satisfied and longevity wise just professional I really do appreciate her with only 1 month of working out with her I’ve lost so much weight in the right places I enjoy coming to our sessions she is goofy and super sweet. You will be satisfied with her work and motivation to get you on the right track!

~ Jenny A

I’d been following a gym near my place for a while on Instagram, but had never gone because I was intimidated. One day I saw a repost from Vanessa’s page showing her client’s results and I made the decision to reach out to her right then and there. I’ve been training with her for a little over a month now and the results speak for themselves. I’ve dropped several pounds and I’m toning like never before. I feel stronger and I’m loving how my clothes fit! She checks up on me every day  to make sure that I’m staying on track with my nutrition, drinking my water, and to ask how my body is feeling. She pushes me at the gym and also makes it a lot of fun. I always look forward to my workouts and love the progress that I’ve been making. If you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, get in shape, learn your way around a gym, or to get your nutrition in check – VANESSA IS YOUR GIRL! I’m definitely looking forward to rocking a bikini this summer!

~ Michelle D

I started my journey two months ago and I’ve been training with Vanessa for one month and I am down TWENTY POUNDS so far. I literally cried. Not only have gym sessions changed for me, but she also gives you a guideline of how you should eat, how frequently and what you should eat. I have been sticking to it and I haven’t felt like I’ve been starving. I’ve been more energetic and felt satisfied. It truly isn’t a diet, it’s a clean and healthy diet that is intuitive.

I am a ways away from my goal, but I know I’ll get there. Vanessa checks up on me on a daily basis through the day to keep me on track. I’m getting stronger physically and mentally on a daily basis and I’m happy. Feeling motivated now? Hit her up and see for yourself!”

~ Christina K

I finished my first month of training with Vanessa back in August, & I just currently got back to enroll into training with her again. She’s super flexible on scheduling and will work around your work schedule, etc. I’ve worked with many trainers in the past and nothing really stuck to me the cool thing about the training sessions is she doesn’t just train you, She supplies a descriptive meal plan. With Weekly check ins! I also love how she will txt you daily to see how you’re feeling after your workout. So that way she can also improve training for you on your next session. She will  push you past your limits. she’s honestly really easy to work with and keeps me motivated to keep coming back

~ Heaven
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